Who are the Navorgators?

Navorgators is an alumni association of highly experienced senior business professionals who share a common interest and passion to help businesses grow and achieve success.

Alumni members have all achieved great success in their careers and believe they can contribute significant value back to business. As experienced practitioners they have learnt the pitfalls and traps as well as the ingredients for success. The Navorgator alumni represent an extraordinary business resource. The unique benefit for clients is to be able to take advantage of this experience, to fast track decision making and/or issue resolution whilst avoiding the potential traps and pitfalls in the process.

Navorgators - A fresh approach to business advisory

Navorgators offers a new approach to providing assistance and advice:

  • Navorgators is not a management consultancy of full time professionals offering preferred business models and methodologies. Alumni members have other active business interests and pursuits and are financially independent of Navorgators.
  • Client project briefs are assigned in accordance with alumni background, experience and personal interest.
  • Navorgators provides high value access to a wealth of experience and specialist expertise not readily available or affordable.  

We offer strategic advice and direction and perform this through a consultative approach using workshop facilitation and advisory board oversight. Through this methodology we seek to transfer knowledge and skills to help our clients develop and build sustainable business improvement and success.